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Issue with games crashing and the occasional blue screen

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  • indianajesse
    I will do that, but I'm not sure if that is the issue anymore. After looking into it further last night, my video card is pretty hot. My temps are reaching upto 100C. I realised some of my fans aren't positioned correctly, but would it get that hot for something like that?

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  • David (PassMark)
    Trying creating a USB boot drive with MemTest86 on it and test the RAM

    If the CPU is too hot are you sure your cooling solution is making good thermal contact with the top of the CPU.

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  • Issue with games crashing and the occasional blue screen

    I've been trying to diagnose the issue, but I'm pretty new to the PC world. I have yet to discover anything besides a temperature issue that I found using the BurnIn tool. I found this odd because I have 3 fans and a Captian 240 EX liquid CPU cooler. Besides just a crash out of a game with no errors, I will get the occasional blue screen stating a kernal error, memory management error, and page fault in non page area.

    My hardware is as follows:

    Motherboard: Prime x470-Pro
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight Core
    Slot 1 of ram: 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM PC4-25600 Corsair
    Slot 2 of ram: 16 GB DDR4 SDRAm PC4-25600 Corsair
    Nividia GeForce RTX 2080

    My passmark rating is a 4419
    CPU: 15421
    3D graphics: 11944
    2D graphics: 533
    Memory: 2233
    Disk: 6601

    Any help would be much appreciated!