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number of DUAL EPYC 7552s is incorrectly reported by PerformanceTest

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  • number of DUAL EPYC 7552s is incorrectly reported by PerformanceTest

    after benchmarking and submitting Baseline, I see the baseline is being reported as QUAD config
    but the system was Dell R7525 having 2x7552s with logical processors enabled, thus making 192 cores visible.
    moreover, AMD itself says multiprocessor configs are only 2 Sockets -


    P.S. how to make CPU marks from this baseline to appear in CPUBenchmark results?

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    If you have access to the system, can you start PerformanceTest in debugmode and send in the logs?

    Also, can you take a screenshot of the System Information's System Summary Screen from Windows OS? Particular interested in the "Processor" field.


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      We would still like the logs if possible, but we believe the issue is with Windows Server 2019.

      Quote from Microsoft for this CPU.

      "Task Manager displays an incorrect number of sockets
      For example, for a single-CPU one-socket system, Task Manager displays two sockets. For a two-socket system, Task Manager displays four sockets."

      We fixed up the entry manually, but this will likely happen to other submissions using Windows Server 2019 with new EPYC 7xx2 CPUs.


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        despite of I have access to the system itself, I have re-deployed it production OS (command-line) and failed to start PTest in Core mode

        Maybe it is really OS issue (you were right - according to screenshot - the system has 4 sockets ))) or NUMA (still, the picture attached -is showing NUMA nodes).
        we have NPS setting (NUMA nodes per socket) eq to 1 which is considered to be optimal for the combination of 2x7552 EPYCs + 16 DIMM modules.

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