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  • CPU Mark baseline

    Hello PassMark team

    Why is there big difference in CPU Mark score baseline
    example, in the 5 last baselines for i5-10210U (Sept, 11th), lowest score is 4193 and highest score is 7621
    This is the same processor and there is no overclocking I guess

    Thank you

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    The difference in scores can be for a variety of reasons, such as...
    …running the benchmark while other applications are running in the background that may take up CPU cycles.
    …different power profiles (e.g. running on battery vs running on AC).
    …different thermal limits/cooling set by manufacture.
    …some laptops have a really bad RAM setup (slow single channel, even when the CPU supports dual channel)

    The presented CPU mark is an average of all submissions. As such the more samples we get the more accurate the results become, whereas CPUs with only a few samples have less accurate results.


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      Thank you Richard for your quick reply