Certain users may report the DirectX tests are failing or becoming unresponsive and/or producing strange errors. This issues seems to be caused when Focus Assist is enabled and/or other software that overlay on top of the test screen.


To workaround these issues:
  • On Windows 10, if Focus Assist is enabled, you should disable Focus Assist before running PerformanceTest.
  • If you have Google hangouts or another messenger app running (or a program that is "always on top")? This error is commonly caused by hangouts as its default is to be displayed on top of all other windows, which takes to focus away from the DirectX tests. Moving hangouts/other app onto the non-primary monitor or turning off the "Always on top" setting should fix this error.
  • Make sure you have latest drivers for your graphics card.
  • Disable any screen overlay software (e.g. screen recorders).
  • Check the FAQ for other common graphics tests issues.