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can the licence key be used in automation ?

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  • can the licence key be used in automation ?

    We work with virtual machines that come with a pre-installed but not yet activated version of PerformanceTest. We can't use a USB installer, so we have read through the documentation to see if there is any way of automating the entry of the license key but unfortunately didn't have any luck. Would you happen to have any suggestions for how we could do this?

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    I just checked, you only have 1 license. How much automation is required for 1 user / 1 machine?


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      Please see this post about using a key.dat with the installer.


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        Further to your above post - not sure why it matters, but we currently only have one license to investigate how your product could be used for automated performance testing. If we can get this proof of concept working successfully we will be following up with an order for more licenses..

        To give you some background info, due to the way we work it's not possible for us to install your software via USB or CD. We have a host of VMs that are deployed with a generic windows image, which includes a pre-installed, unactivated version of the PerformanceTest software.

        We've been through the entire help section included with the software and not always found what we needed, hence asking follow up questions in forums posts.

        We simply want to know if it would be possible to apply a license on a pre-installed, unactivated version of your software without having to launch the GUI.

        We have tried adding the key to the key.dat file before launching the software, but that didn't work.

        Any suggestions of ways we could do this, E.G via powershell scripts, are welcome. Based on your responses, it would appear that is not possible.


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          Following up from the last post, we're still working to implementing this, so any suggestions are most welcome.

          To expand on the above, our CI process means we redeploy VMs on a nightly basis, and would really like to make running Performance Test part of the nightly test suite. I am keen to know if there's any way we can make this happen without using USB or CD installers, which we can't use for security compliance reasons. I appreciate these are difficult pre-requisites to overcome.

          Thanks to help in other posts and TomG's hard work we've got powershell to remotely create and kick off the ptscript to start the desired test, making this the last hurdle we need to overcome to get our proof of concept working.