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RTX 3080 very low GPU Compute score

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  • RTX 3080 very low GPU Compute score

    I just build my new PC last month and I am currently getting a very low score for GPU Compute in 3D Mark and am stumped as to why. Every other score in every test is great but for some reason the GPU Compute test is just giving an extremely low score. I haven't encountered any performance issues with any other games or applications. I have gone through the entire thread for "Causes and Solutions for a slow PC" and nothing has helped. Maybe I am overlooking something or some setting? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, your scores look pretty OK EXCEPT for GPU compute.
    The only way I can get low scores like that would be to limit my framerate to about 144 fps in the NVidia Control Panel.
    Are you sure you don't have a max. framerate set somewhere?


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      Have you tried a clean install of the drivers? I've had that happen before, and doing a custom install and selecting the "clean install" fixed the problem.