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ryzen 9 5900x low scores, good temps and freqs

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    Short story: Windows in-place update is not necessary to fix the Floating Point Math performance issue.

    Long story: I thought before I do an in-place Windows re-installation I would try de-installing all ASUS software. And I used this command as very first step to disable the HPET, High Precision Event Timer: "bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock". No reboot yet (required to make the change happen).
    After de-installation of everything that was installed together with the new motherboard I rebooted the PC and run Passmark. I checked again that the HPET was still gone.
    The overall CPU Mark raised by 25% from 39.649 to 50.016. The Floating Point Math went up from 37.761 to 107.780. So I decided to keep the motherboard and just leave all the bugware off the machine.
    I only re-installed true drivers (german Treiber) from the support DVD as shown here:

    Another re-boot and re-test: I got the same good performance.

    Today I also found a new BIOS for the board which I installed because it is supposed to fix a stuttering TPM issue. Another test showed that all marks get a little bit down, leaving me with about 49.000 as CPU Mark (example

    Result: it is possible to get rid of the ASUS AI 3 software including Armory Crate and fix the performance problem without Windows re-installation. All this ASUS stuff is not needed when you are not interesting in lighting effects (which I switched off in BIOS).

    Sorry for the typos in my first post which I am unable to correct because of the time limit.


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      I am having a similar problem suddenly. Ryzen 5950 on an MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus motherboard - one year old machine. Have always gotten high CPU scores (around 45,000) with around 40,000 for the Extended Instructions (SSE) portion of the test. Suddenly i am getting CPU scores of around 19,000 with the only difference being the Ext. Instr. portion around 2800. If i run the test 5 times i get 4 bad scores and 1 good scores - so i don't even have consistency. I have no idea what is causing this, how to diagnose it or what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I have used task manager to shut down every bogus process i can see and i ahve rolled back bios three releases - same intermittent results.

      Admin Edit: This is a duplicate with this issue and unlikely to be related ASUS's software. (Plus symptoms don't match all the other posts in this topic)