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AMD radeon 6800xt Sapphire Nitro+ SE

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  • AMD radeon 6800xt Sapphire Nitro+ SE

    I have problem with passmark 3D test. When I bulid my PC maybe 2 months ago A run Benchmark and results were same as I found on website (cca 22000), percentil was 99. But today I run test again few times and ther was significantly lower results form 14000-18000, mostly 16000. I did run test few times.
    Im using latest drivers from AMD 21.2.3, Windows is clear installed. Only additional software Im using Sapphire Trixx but nothing change there. AMD software is in default setting.
    Do you have any advice why the results are lower ?

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    The percentile will naturally drop over time. As new hardware is released your hardware will gradually look worse by comparison to the new gear over time.

    But the score shouldn't change and there has been no significant change to the benchmark software in the last 2 months. So something has changed on your machine. Device driver versions, 3rd party software and temperatures (e.g. dust in the fan) being the most likely.


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      Hello thank you for answer.
      I Install new driver from amd but nothing changed. Yes I unerstand the percentile... But I'm not sure about those results. Seems like only Dx9 and Dx12 are bad. (Photos in attachment)I also tried all older drivers with same results. PC is prefectly clean. But I did update of BIOS to F12 form gigabyte. Can Bios change results ? Anyway all programs and apps what I have In PC are legal with original Licnece, so I'm not sure what soft can do that. ? Any advice what kind of software can make my computer worse ? Temps are nice... max 74C for Vram and GPU has more less.

      For Dx9 I have wore results like AMD 580 had.. Thats so bad.

      And one more Question. What does mean this penalized score in third picture ?
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        What does mean this penalized score in third picture ?
        We attempt to standardize the result to 4K resolution for the DX12 test.
        Obviously if you run the test at 1080p resolution there are only 1/4 of the pixels on the display and frame rates will be much higher.
        So we scale the result down if your monitor resolution is lower than 4K.

        As for the low DX9 result, we don't know the cause of the change. But BIOS updates can definitely impact performance. There is a fairly comprehensive list of things that can cause slow performance here


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          Thanks, I will try downgrade bios, to previous version and I will let you know. Thank you.


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            I was having the same issue with a RX 6800 in DX9. Probably a driver issue.