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My crappy result with original pc, not modded ...

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  • My crappy result with original pc, not modded ...

    Hello I did the test and I only scored 343.0

    CPU Pentium 4 - 2.64Ghz clockspeed
    Memory 512 MB RAM
    Videocard Geforce MX440 with AGP8x
    CD Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1202
    Harddisk ST380011A (It's a seagate with 80 GB)

    I'll upgrade my memory to 1280 MB and the CD wil be replaced by a new one. My graphic card should change 2 i think but thatl'l be for later.

    What do u think of the result ? The computer is fully original ... Tips are always welcome

    Sorry for crappy english
    Beunen die pc !

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    THe PC is obviously a few years old and this is about what is to be expected.

    If you play a lot of games. Upgrade the video card and RAM.

    Otherwise I would save my money, wait a year or so and then buy a whole new PC. (Quad Core CPU, 64bit Vista, 500GB HD, this time next year)



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      Ok, i've buyed now

      Saphire Radeon 9800 Atltantis 128 mb ddr
      and 1 Giga RAM.And i bougt a new dvd +-rw shit

      My score is now max 829.9

      Much better but should i buy a new proccesor, or wait and then buy a whole pc ?
      Beunen die pc !


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        Without knowing what the use your computer for and how much spare cash you have, it is hard to comment.

        If it was my PC. I would wait. A new CPU would probably mean a new motherboard. A new motherboard would probalby force you to get a new PCI-E graphics card and maybe new RAM. And the new MB would have SATA HD interfaces, so you might want a new hard drive as well. And your existing power supply and case might not suit your new MB. So you might also need a new case and power supply. But hang on, you have just replaced the entire PC...... one part at a time.


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          1084.9 was mine