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  • Broadwell benchmarking

    I have a question. We hold a large framework in Belgium for 15000 notebooks and customer is using performance test 7.0 as one of tools for benchmarking.
    Is this version still valid for proper Broadwell benchmarking?If yes some tips for optimal results?
    If not move to version 8? We see huge discrepancy between Ivybridge-Haswell-Broadwell results

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    We answered the same question via E-Mail. But for others reading this here is the answer,

    The software version you are using is now 5 years old.
    There have been a lot of changes to the software in this period.


    New chipsets have been supported, changes have been made in the benchmark algorithms, Win8 support was added, new features have been added & bugs have been fixed.

    So while the V7 software might still run on new systems I would strongly suggest upgrading to V8.

    In your E-Mail you list out a few numbers in a table, but the numbers really don't mean much without knowing the test methodology and the hardware involved.

    You also mention a "huge discrepancy between Ivybridge-Haswell-Broadwell results" in PT8.
    Again this doesn't mean much without details of the hardware involved and the actual results.