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DirectX 12 weird glitch at start - Grid of dots

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  • DirectX 12 weird glitch at start - Grid of dots


    Anyone might know why a few of GPU cards have this issue? (picture attached)
    2 cards which I tested have these dots at start of DX12, and it stops.

    No other applications have these glitches.

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    We haven't seen this issue before.

    Very likely it is a hardware failure (e.e. bad video RAM) or a device driver bug.

    Update Aug 2022: Not a hardware fault. See below for details.


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      Me to I have thise all the time when runing DX12 test on RTX 3080


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        We don't see this in internal testing.

        A good test would be to replace the 3080 and see if the problem persists.

        Another possibility is that you are seeing some heavy system background activity at the start of the test, causing a few frames to be dropped (stuttering). As that grid in the screen shot above might be the start of the "warp" sequence. It should look like this after a few frames, but it starts out with a grid of dots.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Space-warp.png Views:	0 Size:	1.37 MB ID:	53289


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          I dont know about OP what GPU he have, but I seen some RTX 3000 series with exactly same issue, very much artifacting at the begginign of the DX12 test, just like I have.

          Have a look:
          1) RTX 3060
          2) RTX 3070
          3) RTX 3050
          4) RTX 3080 myself exact same issue as above


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            Thanks for the links.
            I think there are two issues.

            1) Low quality video codecs that don't deal with the quick flashing of the image very well when screen recording. See example frame grabs below from the one of the videos. Everything including the overlay text is an overly compressed mess. This can be seen even in frames that aren't running the 3D test. Not sure if this the fault of poor screen recording software that can't manage 60+fps at 4K, or Youtube that re-encodes the video when uploaded.

            2) There might be a timing issue that causing the star field "warp" effect to try and do one too many loops. That grid of dots is definitely the start of a new loop of warping stars, that starts just at the same time as the wrap effect is triggered to fade out. Effect might be compounded by stuttering / dropped frames. The timing issue might (or might not) also be triggered from 3rd party screen recording as we don't see it with 30xx cards we have here. I agree it looks a little strange, but it shouldn't impact the benchmark result. Wonder if the effect can be seen with a clean Windows install? Do you know what screen recording software / hardware is being used? Hopefully it is a hardware frame grabber as running screen recording while benchmarking will produce a poor benchmark result.

            Images showing too much compression by video codec.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Too-much-compression1.png Views:	0 Size:	188.7 KB ID:	53301
            Click image for larger version  Name:	Too-much-compression2.png Views:	0 Size:	868.7 KB ID:	53302


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              I dont think that the issue have something to do with the video recorder, because I got this issue with and without MSI After Burner / RTSS running at the background.
              My windows is fresh install, few days ago so also dont think this is the issue.
              It may be affecting only RTX 3000 series

              On passmark charts for example the RTX 3080 its around of 25000 3D score and I got 29000 so looks like score its not affected.