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  • Windows 11 3D Graphics Mark

    I have a brand-new Lenovo high-end laptop. The first thing I installed on it was Performance Test. All results were pretty much as expected. Very high-end performance for a laptop in all tests.

    I accepted the Windows 11 update. The 3D Graphics test was horrible.

    I reverted to Windows 10 and all was as before.

    I’m going to work with W10, which I had planned to do anyway, but ther seems to be some major news with respect to W11 and 3D

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    Windows 11 has a bunch of performance issues. Some are fixed with patches some not.

    There are 4 pages of discussion at the moment.

    But those issues have mostly been the CPU, 2D and the Disk. Not 3D.


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      In case someone else has a similar problem, can you post the specs of the Lenovo machine (CPU, video chipset and video device driver version in particular).

      Can you also post the Win10 and Win11 individual 3D test results so we can see which individual test(s) suffered.


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        It is a Lenovo 20Y3-004LUS w/64 GB, Intel Core i9@ 2.9 GHz, Tiger Lake 10 nm. Video is NVidea RTX A5000 w/4095MB.

        I did not think to record the test results, but I did upload them. Does Ptest record a log on the local machine?

        I am not comfortable to return to W11, re-run the tests, and then revert again to W10.