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Feels like my PC is underperforming

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  • David (PassMark)
    The results seem to be around what is expected for the hardware. Maybe a few percentage points low.

    70FPS is still a pretty reasonable frame rate for most games. Especially when monitor refresh rates are often only 60Hz.

    Hardware also seems reasonably balanced. But an upgrade will of course improve the frame rates.

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  • skinksteek
    started a topic Feels like my PC is underperforming

    Feels like my PC is underperforming

    For a couple of months now, playing games I have felt like my PC is underperforming. I don't know if if my parts are just getting outdated or what but I feel like they should'nt.
    I mainly play League of Legends and I feel like my fps should alteast be 165+ at all times but it can drop to 70 sometimes. And today I also lowered all my graphics settings to increase my performance but the fps is still kinda low to me. I did the test and from what I can see maybe it could be my i5 9600k (not clocked) that needs replacement. In other words maybe upgrade CPU, moterboard and RAM, and also get a new cooler, what do you guys think?