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  • Duration of Tests & Graphics Issues

    I'm trying to run the test set for a long duration, however, after Passmark starts running the 2D and 3D Tests, it times out and errors saying there is an issue with trying to talk with the onboard graphics card or saying the application doesn't have access to the graphics card. it works perfectly fine on a medium test without issue.

    Any idea's as to why this is, this machine is running an intel CPU with onboard graphics.

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    Was the the error message was from PerformanceTest itself and not a windows one like "Application has been blocked from accessing hardware"?

    Is it only happening with one of the tests (ie the DX12 test can take a long time to start on slow graphics cards)?

    Are you using the latest available driver for the graphics card?


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      I was getting the message about the application has been blocked from accessing hardware but also here is a list of some of the other errors:
      1. Performance Test is no longer the topmost selected application this stops DX10 and DX11 from being run and do not use the PC whilst this is being run and click ok to carry on the tests.
      2. The 3D tests were stopped by the user before completing, The test results for this test will not be used (however the machine was being touched/used by anyone at the time while the tests were running.
      3. Could not find a valid video adapter to use for the GPU Compute Tests.
      The drivers are the latest ones available this graphics card which is the Intel Iris Xe.

      As mentioned above this only happens on the long tests, on the Medium no errors occur. Is the longer tests putting more strain on the GPU and it cannot handle it ??


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        Could you please launch PerformanceTest in debug mode, and run the tests once on medium and once on long and then send us the SysInfoLog.txt and PerfTestLog.txt log files that are created.

        Intel are notorious for having poorly tested drivers so I would say most, if not all, of the problems are being caused by the driver.