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Windowed DX11 vs Fullscreen DX11 FPS

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  • Windowed DX11 vs Fullscreen DX11 FPS

    Hi guys. Ive been using PT for over 10 years and its my go to benchmarking software. Im using the 10.2 version but this issue was even there with 9.0, 10.0 and 10.1.
    My DX 11 results are so much lower than before. I think it was after i upgraded to windows 11.

    The thing is when i run DX11 (advanced mode) in Fullscreen (1920x1080) 50 Jellyfish - No AA my average FPS is 260, this configuration is the same as the default dx11 test. Nvidia control panel is unmodified. All settings are stock (restored to default)
    DX11 with the same settings but in windowed mode gets an average of 318.

    My 1070ti has a custom voltage curve set at a maximum of 0.850Mv 1898Mhz. When i run the default test DX11 test in Fullscreen the wattage does not exceed 82 watts and about 70-80% gpu utilization. In windowed mode its utilization is between 95-99% and around 105 watts. I'll add some screen shots down below.

    What is causing the Fullscreen mode to not push the GPU to max like windowed?

    No other issues with any other DX9 10 11 or 12 games or benchmarks. Specs aren't really important as the issue is down to windowed and Fullscreen but ill list them below.

    Ryzen 3600 (4.2 @1.25v) 120mm Thermaltake AIO
    Strix OC 1070ti (1898 @0.850v - 244 mem overclock to compensate the lower core MHz from stock (1911)
    Windows 11 - Latest updates
    Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard
    512.77 Nvidia Drivers
    16GB CL16 GSkill ram
    Using a 4k QLED TV as a monitor

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    It isn't something we have looked at in detail. In theory there shouldn't be much if any difference between full screen and windowed mode (if the window is the same size as the full screen).

    But in Windowed mode the system is forced to stick with the desktop settings. It can't change the screen resolution, colour depth, HDR, refresh rate, monitor G-Sync, etc.. as that is all set by the desktop. There are also a few less pixels to render in windowed mode if there is a title bar on the window. There might also be some settings in the video driver that only make sense in full screen mode. Like Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA), and enabling HDR.

    The above is just speculation. Would need some detailed testing on several video cards and monitors to narrow down the true cause.