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Problem to run Performance Test Mobile in Chromebook with ChromeOS 103

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  • Problem to run Performance Test Mobile in Chromebook with ChromeOS 103

    Dear Passmark Support Team
    I need your help to check an issue with PerformanceTest Mobile and ChromeOS 103
    Briefly describing the problem, it is possible to run PerformanceTest Mobile without any problems when Chromeboook is using ChromeOS version 96, but when ChromeOS is updated to version 103, the application crashes and there is a black screen without any information, as shown in the figure attached. I have noted this occurs after Memory Tests.
    I have tested both configuration Mobile, Tablet

    Please let me know if is possible to enable some debug information and where I can get the logs.
    I have tested 3 samples with the same issue.
    The hardware configuration is a Chromebook with Celeron N4020, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC, LCD Size 11,6".

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    The problem seems to be reproducible. We'll take a look at it.


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      We'll take another look next week; it may be something specific with the setup. Can you pinpoint which test PerformanceTest for Mobile is crashing on? Try running each test individually by clicking on the test itself in the list. Some things to try...
      • Try restarting Chromebook before testing.
      • Make sure testing on AC plugged in.
      • Clear data cache for the app.
      Crashes from Chromebook devices does not seem to get registered with the Google Play Console (Android App Reporting). It doesn't seem to happen on all ChromeOS devices running ChromeOS 103 as well. This was a successful run from Samsung Chromebook 3 running ChromeOS 103 (similar specs except with Celeron N3060).

      Click image for larger version

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        Dear Richard
        I also could run PerformanceTest with Celeron N3350
        Maybe is something related to newer Celeron.
        I will get more information to send to you.


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          Dear Passmark Support Team
          Follow the Chromebook configuration. It's Celeron N4020.
          Also another Chromebook with Celeron N4500 has the same problem.
          ChromeOS 103. Android 11
          I can run rach test clicking one by one.
          It seams the problem are in 3D Complex Test
          Video 1:

          Video 2:

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            Thanks Aldiney for helping testing.

            We have found the issue and an update to fix the 3D Complex Test for Celeron N40XX should be rolling out shortly to all users.