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    I have a couple of quick suggestions regarding PT10, which I hope you'll be able to make possible in your benchmark app for a better experience.
    1. In the "Manage Baselines" window, specifically under the "Currently Selected" tab, could you please allow reordering of the baselines?
      It's really rather annoying to have to unselect, and then select the baselines in the order I want them displayed.
    2. In the "your x vs loaded baselines" graph, could you please expand on the tooltip which shows when pointing over the bar chart, so it displays some of the basic machine specs, instead of having to constantly switch to the "system information" window to view various details.
      It would be super helpful to have the information upfront, so the CPU, gfx card, ram speed and timings, and even the temps please.
    3. It would also be nice if you could take this suggestion into account.
    By the way, I really dislike the V9/V10 redesign, it was much cleaner and simpler to have all cpu results on a single page and just scroll; same with the other pages for graphics, and memory tests.


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    1. The order the baselines are displayed can be sorted based on the columns in the list, clicking the column header will re-order the baselines and they will be displayed in that order. There isn't a way to put them in arbitrary order though (we might able to do this via the right click menu).

    2. We'll keep this in mind while we work on the next major version.

    Another thing to consider, since you already check thermals
    We're looking into flagging / warning if the system is thermally throttling.

    Yet another thing your software could do is to automatically switch to the 'high performance' power settings, again to eliminate any throttling.
    I don't think we would ever switch plans automatically as it can be useful to see how different power plans effect performance. We could add a warning similar to the running on battery warning.


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      Thanks for your reply and taking the points into consideration.

      However, with regards to the first point, of course I'm aware I can sort the baselines using the sort columns, however, if I want them to be displayed in an arbitrary order, then I have to remove each one, and then select them based on first to last. It would be really useful to be able to click-drag a baseline into any order a tester wishes.

      Many thanks.