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how to test my GPU in performancetest8&10

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  • how to test my GPU in performancetest8&10

    If i shoulde do some thing to make the procedure identify my devices(GPU) correctly?Because when i try to run GPU Compute in performancetest10,it says “the specified video adapter does not exist”。

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    The GPU Compute test requires DX11 and OpenCL support, what sort of video card is in the system?
    Does it have the latest available drivers installed?

    This particular error message indicates one of the DirectX direct compute test has failed to launch.

    If you launch PerformanceTest in debug mode,, try to run the GPU Compute tests and then send us the debug logs we can take a look too see if anything obvious is preventing the test form starting.


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      Video card is one kinds of NVIDIV GPU product.

      I find the drivers were old.

      Thanks a lot.


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        Hi,is GRID License of NVIDIA necessary when i try to run GPU test?


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          Sorry we don't know what "GRID license" is.
          But as we don't know what it is, it is very unlikely it is required.


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            By the sounds of it you are trying to use one of the NVIDIA compute cards, PerformanceTest won't be able to see this card as in it's default setting (TCC mode) it isn't available as a standard display adaptor to applications (WDDM mode).