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Locked DX12 Score on a Rx5700XT

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  • Locked DX12 Score on a Rx5700XT

    As the title says, when i use the passmark benchmark my DX12 score is locked at 110/114 fps and gets a score of 44, already tried some things like reinstalling the benchmark or the drivers, didn't work.
    A friend of mine who got the same gpu gets 80/82

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    What is the resolution of your display? The DX12 test will apply a penalty to the score if it is not running in 4K.


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      1920x1080, my friend as well tried it in Full HD


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        The DX12 test was designed for 4K resolution. If your system runs at a lower resolution (and thus higher frame rate), then we apply a penalty to attempt to keep the results comparable.

        When running the DirectX 12 tests, the penalty should be displayed on the top left corner you can confirm the penalty amount applied to your end score.


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          Well ok but why he's getting 82 and im only getting 44? same resolution, same gpu as i said.


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            Looking at the distribution graph for the RX 5700 XT there is a definite peak around the 35-45 mark so there are a quite a number of systems that have the same behaviour, so there is likely something common between these system that triggers the slower result (maybe a driver setting).

            I downloaded a few of the baselines and couldn't see anything obvious that might be the cause (same driver version could produce normal results and slower results).

            Click image for larger version

Name:	RX5700XT.png
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ID:	54329

            Some things to check;
            - High temperatures (i.e. poor cooling) leading to thermal throttling of CPU / GPU.
            - Wrong PCIe slot (or a slot that looks OK, but actually only functions as a x1 rather than x16. e.g. bad link training, or BIOS setup, dirty connector)
            - All manner of dubious 3rd party software. Including streaming apps, overlays, frame rate counters, screen sharing, remote desktops, virtualization, windows skins / themes, etc...
            - Bad RAM setup. e.g. not in dual channel.
            - Frame rate limits due to monitor refresh rate and GSync like features.
            - Windows power saving setting, there also might a power saving setting in the GPU driver that could be defaulting to a low power mode (even on desktop systems).


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              Checked everything that you mentioned below, and everything seems pretty normal to me, i dunno ty anyway.


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                Please send a screenshot of GPU-Z (freeware) running on your system.


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