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Normal Laptop Scores? - Intel Core Duo Score 389

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  • Normal Laptop Scores? - Intel Core Duo Score 389


    I did a full system test and only got 389, while I'm looking and seeing some laptops with scores of 500-600 and up. I don't think mine is accurate because when it goes to the disk drive checks it says cannot complete and then closes. It then says that my partial score is 389. Here are the specs of my computer:

    Intel Centrino Core Duo Processer @ 1.66 GHz
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    HP DVD-RW/CD-RW Burner/Reader
    80GB Hard Drive
    1024 MB Memory(339 MB used on average)

    Is there a way to get a full score and if not, can I have an estimation on by those specs??


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    Yes, if your score is a partial score, without a disk result, then the full score will be higher. Probably 20 - 40% higher.

    I don't understand your comment about the application unexpectedly closing, but then somehow giving you a score even though it is no longer running. What was the exact error message? Do you have the correct hard disk selected for testing from the Edit / Preferences window in PerformanceTest?