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artifacts on the DX9 test

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  • artifacts on the DX9 test

    i have a new laptop and was running the 3d tests. the dx9 test shows artifacting but the others seem fine, although the warp sequence has an odd look on the dx12 test.

    Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3i 16" 2560x1600
    16gb ram
    nvidia 3050ti latest driver
    windows 11

    is it a possible hardware issue or a windows 11 issue? 3dmark timespy and furmark run ok, but i have had an AMD RX580 in the past that was bad and only showed in the same test.

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    Do you have photograph of DX9?

    (warp drive sequence in DX12 is know to look a bit strange on some video cards, it isn't a hardware fault)


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      im guessing this isn't normal then?
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        Yea, that is bad. Not normal.

        Likely a hardware failure of the video card chip, or maybe even LCD panel. But that doesn't explain why it only effects DirectX9.

        Start by checking the video card drivers are up to date.


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          latest everything, im a computer tech.

          this was what i was afraid of, i only bought it 2 months ago and only played a bit of world of tanks which im guessing uses DX12. ive had this before with an AMD RX580, the DX9 test was the only thing apart from some heavy gaming which would trip it up. even would run furmark and 3dmark without issue. i think it might be vram that is the issue so only shows when more of it is used.


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            i need to find some more DX9 tests to see if it is an issue with other benches/games.


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              Many older games are DirectX9. Counter-Strike is a well known one.


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                ive run 3dmark06 as its dx9 and same problem. oddly only in the bench, not in the game or demo.


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                  Would be fairly sure that if you ran half a dozen DX9 games you would fine a couple that provoke the same problem.