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Settings in Passmark Advanced 3D Test

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  • Settings in Passmark Advanced 3D Test

    Dear everybody,

    i am testing my graphic card uing advanced 3D Test.
    Click image for larger version

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    I have no much 3D knowledge and don't udnerstand two of them: "Information Overlay" and "V-Sync". I guess maybe this link is helpful:

    Can somebody give some more brief explanation?

    Thanks alot
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    From the help file:

    Information Overlay
    Place text in the top left corner of the test showing the current frame rate and other information.

    Synchronizes the video cards output with the physical display refresh rate, this can prevent a 'tearing' effect at lower resolutions, however with this on the test can never run at a higher FPS then the physical display is capable of. Typically most modern displays run at 60 fps, however some displays will go as high as 120. V-Sync also has additional small performance penalty as the video card often has to wait between finishing drawing the frame and the physical display being ready to start another refresh.