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    Hi. I was wondering if there are any world record threads for Passmark overall or by test? Managed 3000+ on the single threaded test with HSW-E at 5ghz. Sure people have done higher using phase change, nitrogen etc.

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    We do not have anything for individual tests, but you can find links to a list of the Top 20 PassMark Rating machines (and the Bottom 20) on the PC System benchmark page.

    There may be times where some rubbish result (e.g. absurdly high result for certain hardware) shows up on the list, but we try our best to keep the list clean most of the time. If you spot any that may be incorrectly listed, let us know and we can investigate.


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      The highest (seemingly) legitimate single threaded result I have seen was 2856 from a i7-5960X at 5.5Ghz.

      Here is a graph showing the distribution of the PT8 Single Threaded CPU Benchmark result for all machines. My machine only scored 2272.