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What effects 2d performace?

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  • What effects 2d performace?

    Is there information anywhere on what factors effect 2d performace per Performace Test?

    I have older MB ASUS m3A - running AM2 slot - I notice MANY if not all AM2 boards seem to have poor 2d performance.

    When i compare results between same board.. they are about the same.. when same Socket type they vary, but not much different.

    Move over to a Intel chipset and WOW - huge difference.

    Looking to upgrade my system. just bits and bobs.. because of lack of funds.. but 2d performace.. where will I really notice the difference? browsing the web? refreshes?? Im assuming this is just eye candy? since I am not using massive redraw software??


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    You'll notice the 2D performance for things like dragging windows around the screen, resizing windows, scrolling complex web pages, vector graphic editing (e.g. Adobe illustrator), photo editing on large images, scrolling a complex Word document, etc..

    Factors that effect the 2D performance are,
    - CPU. One would imagine that the video card was more important, but in fact the CPU plays a large part, as many operations are not accelerated by the hardware.
    - The device driver
    - The operating system (Windows XP actually had more hardware acceleration than later versions of Windows).
    - The video card.
    - The settings selected in Windows. (e.g. The vista aero desktop scheme).
    - Video settings e.g. colour depth, resolution & DPI effect the number of pixels that need to be moved around.