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  • command line mo silent

    can we install test performance in silent mode via the command line ?
    what are the command line paratmetre ?

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    The following are command-line parameters for silent installation (to be used with the installer executable):

    This will suppress the startup prompt (with the text "This will install... do you wish to continue?")

    This will suppress the wizard and background window but the installation progress will still appear. Error messages and startup prompt will still appear unless /SP- is also specified.

    This is the same as /silent but will also hide the progress window.

    This will suppress the prompts such as "Keep newer file?" and "File exists, confirm overwrite". It will automatically select the default choice for these prompts.


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      Hi Tim - I'm using TestPerformance v9 and I'm trying to do this silent mode install via command line - but I always get a prompt to enter license key. Is there a way to enter license key via parameter from command line??


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        Rather than doing multiple installs, maybe creating a portal USB version of the software might be a better option?

        See this question,
        "How can I make PerformanceTest portable on a USB drive?"


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          Thanks, David. But one of the requirements I have is that there can't be any USB drives connected while I run PerformanceTest, so the portable option wouldn't work for me. Is there anything else that I could try?


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            If you place a key.dat file (text file with your key pasted into it) in the same folder as the installer it will copy it to the install location when the installer is run, when PerformanceTest is opened it will use this key.


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              Hi David and Tim,
              I'm Trying to install /uninstall Silently test performance V11 with the /SP- parameter like explain before but it don't work.

              is there an another parameter for the v11?
              Thanks by advance.


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                As mentioned above, /SP- only disables the 'This will install... Do you wish to continue?' prompt at the beginning of Setup​.
                You should use /SILENT or /VERYSILENT instead.


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                  Hi Simon,
                  Thanks a lot