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Error when trying to upload results

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  • Error when trying to upload results

    I get an error each time I try to upload results.

    Something about nvidia g sync being enabled.

    I don't even have a g sync ready monitor. what is going on?

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    Currently the Nvidia API can often return G-Sync as available and enabled on systems that don't properly support it, there is no workaround in the current build.

    We've made changes in the next build of the PT9 beta to only block baseline submission on uploads when the DX9 result appears to be capped to 60fps.


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      Same boat here, I don't even have a g-sync monitor, and I don't have the G-sync option in my Nvidia control panel.
      So obviously G-sync is NOT enabled on my system. Still I'm getting this error every time and cannot upload.

      So what's the fix for this ? The issue has been there for more than a year now apparently...


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        Can you please run PerformanceTest in debug mode, reproduce the error and then send us a copy of the log files.