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Bottleneck - Athlon 64 3000+

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  • Bottleneck - Athlon 64 3000+


    I'm having the idea that my pc can run alot faster, but i can't seem to find where the bottleneck is. Any idea what the low result causes? I got a PassMark of 374.

    Here's the test result, sorry for the long file, no idea how to do it textwise.

    Thanks in advance for any comment!

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    Your Passmark rating of 374 is a little on the low side. In particular the CPU and RAM scores are low.

    For example. I looked at 7 other Athlon 64 3000+ machines from our baseline database (for registered users only). The range of scores were 365 to 424 for the CPU Mark. Your CPU mark was 340. Now some of these results might have been overclocked or running on Windows 64bit. But your result is maybe still 10% too low.

    I can't tell you where this 10% has gone. It might be a bad motherboard, it might be background software running or might be something else.

    Of course it is questionable how much time is it worth spending on hunting down the missing 10%. This CPU is never going to run a lot faster than it is now.


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      Thanks for your answer . Wouldn't know what to do about it tho. Might be the fact that my pc is almost 3,5 years old, and that i bought a few new parts a year ago.