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Problems with 8800gts

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  • Problems with 8800gts

    Has anyone else had problems with the 8800gts in the 2d and 3d portions of the performance Test? My 8800gts is scoring very very low in some of the tests. (much lower then my old 7900gt). Using the newest Nvida drivers for the 8800gts running windows xp 32bit.

    2d rectangles. 279 for 8800, 431 for 7900gt
    2d shapes 7.4 for 8800, 52.3 for 7900gt
    3d simple 1698 for 8800, 3011 for 7900gt
    3d medium 538 for 8800, 634 for 7900gt.

    benchmarks over 9000 in 3dmark06 which is inline with what card should do.

    Any suggestions.
    (same system, just changed the video card)

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    I'm getting very low 2D scores in any benchmark with my Geforce 8800 GTX video cards. Switching back to 7900 GT has the same effect you are seeing in Performance Test and PCPitStop. I don't know whether it's because the drivers are still being tweaked for 3D performance and nVidia hasn't gotten around to working on 2D performance, or if it's a hardware limitation of the new design.


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      my PT says my old AGP 7800 GS can whoop the ass of my twin 7900's in SLI, something up with it i think, ingame and other benchmarks the 7900s in SLI whoop the ass of that old thing almost 2 to 1.


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        SLI has a bunch of problems. In particaular it only works with a small number of games. See previous posts about SLI problems for details.


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          I too with 8800 GTS

          I too am having VERY odd results with the nVidia 8800 GTS. The red bars in this graphic is a 8800 GTS in my PC at home and the green bars is a 7600 GS here at work.

          I understand the current driver(s) may not be fully optimized for the 8800 and/or the 8800 may have an architecture more in line to support DX10, but the results seem extremely unbalanced.

          Does anyone have a better idea, or I should say, more precise explanation why these results so separated? OR. . .somewhere better drivers can be found!!

          (see below for full test)
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            Is everything else the same between the two PC's? Same CPU? Same O/S? Same Windows setting?


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              Here's the FULL test. The "red" bars, as expected, DO show dominance in most every category since the hardware is indeed superior. However the 8800 has specs that surpass the 7600 by a 200 to 300%, this seems VERY odd.
              My home PC (in RED) is:

              XP Pro SP2
              Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo 2.4gig 4M CPU
              Intel D975XBX2 ATX motherboard
              2GB DDR2 PC4200 Memory
              EVGA GeForce® 8800 GTS 640MB PCI-E (using v97.94 4/5/07)
              Creative Labs SoundBlaster ‘Gamer’ Live! 5.1
              Dell 2405FPW 24" LCD - 60hz refresh)
              1 – Western Digital 250GB Caviar SATA Hard Drive
              1 – Western Digital 200GB SE Hard Drive (98se on this one)
              500watt pwr sup

              "This Computer" (in green) is:

              XP Home SP2
              Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz CPU
              nVidia GeForce 7600 GS vid card (using v97.94 4/5/07)
              1GB DDR2 PC4200 Memory
              Intel mobo D946GZIS
              Western Digital WD1600JS (160gig)
              Intergrated sound
              acer 21" LCD monitor 60hz refresh
              400 watt pwr sup


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                The only explanation that I can suggest is that the new 8800 cards are not as good as the slightly older cards in respect to these specific 2D performance tests. This might be a device driver issue (and so might improve over time), or it might be an issue with the hardware itself.

                It would not surprise me at all if the nVidia engineers have only optimised the drivers for a few of the really popular games (so that they look good in reviews). It is well documented around the net that their staff are overloaded and having problems getting 8800 drivers ready (especially for Vista & DX10).

                Maybe you could ask nVidia about it if you are concerned (it is their product after all).


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                  I agree. As I said earlier, the 8800 and the new 8600 series cards are DX10/Vista ready, so the drivers may be optimized for specific functions. Game-wise, I am very pleased with the performance and it being such a powerful card, having lower performance on 2D application is not a large concern for me.