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  • Incorrect Disk Results

    I have 7 drives in my system (3 single drives, 2 mirrored and 2 stripped._ Windows Vista build 6000.

    Out of all the drives, I have a Maxtor 7L300S0 which is way out to lunch on the benchmarks (either that or I am about to make it my primary drive :O)

    The Maxtor Drives comes out to 710MB on sequential read, 3.78 on sequential write, 97.7 on Random Seek + RW and 587.3 on Rating (which puts my Stripped drives 75% lower @ 146.5).

    Obviously something is up, but I've run it multiple times without figuring out why its picking up that huge difference on that one drive

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    If the Maxtor 7L300S0 part of one of RAID sets or stand alone? Stand alone I assume?

    The high read speed is probably the result of caching on the drive but it doesn't explain the poor write speed.

    Can you use the Advanced disk test options to play around with the options and see if it really is that bad for all options.

    Other thing to try would be to copy a very large file to the drive and see if it is really slow from the O/S.