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MY passmark scores 1714.16

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  • MY passmark scores 1714.16

    My score is too high, comparing to others. I can't believe it.
    My system is Intel Core 2 6600, Intel Box975 (MB), XFX Geoforce 7950 GT (512MB), Muskin 2x1GB (memory), Seagate 400GB 7200RPM (HD), Viewsonic VX2035 (monitor).

    Can anyone comment?

    ComputerSteven desktop
    CPU - Integer Math 211.8
    CPU - Floating Point Math 577.98
    CPU - Find Prime Numbers 612.18
    CPU - SSE/3DNow! 5040.96
    CPU - Compression 5317.79
    CPU - Encryption 32.62
    CPU - Image Rotation 1071.72
    CPU - String Sorting 3559.01
    Graphics 2D - Lines 173.9
    Graphics 2D - Rectangles 407.35
    Graphics 2D - Shapes 40.69
    Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text 342.57
    Graphics 2D - GUI 473.99
    Graphics 3D - Simple 2010.26
    Graphics 3D - Medium 477.19
    Graphics 3D - Complex 47.59
    Memory - Allocate Small Block 2446.59
    Memory - Read Cached 1817.45
    Memory - Read Uncached 1751.74
    Memory - Write 1651.55
    Memory - Large RAM 497.89
    Disk - Sequential Read 1168.86
    Disk - Sequential Write 9.09
    Disk - Random Seek + RW 119.16
    CD - Read 3.83

    CPU Mark 1418.24
    2D Graphics Mark 1035.37
    Memory Mark 603.66
    Disk Mark 4691.01
    CD Mark 468.51
    3D Graphics Mark 811.29

    PassMark Rating 1714.26
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    Your disk read result is being cached in RAM. So disk appear faster than it really is. This can happen on some systems that have a lot of RAM and the device driver doesn't fully comply with don't cache instructions from the O/S.

    It can also happen if you are using a RAM disk or some type of solid state disks.


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      My disk is just a regular 7200RPM SATA-II disk. RAM is also just 2x1GB.

      Should I make any changes on the setting of my system?


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        Trying using the latest version of PerformanceTest, V6.1 build 1002 or later. There were some changes in this area not so long ago.


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          New score 1354 with PerformanceTest 6.1

          Just download the new version of your program. The new score for my PC is 1354. I have already uploaded my results to your web.

          How can I improve my system without adding big money?


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            How can I improve my system without adding big money?
            Overclock, defag your disk, turn off some of the visual effects in Windows, use a CD for CD test that has very large files on it (not lots of small files).