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  • Interpret disk scores

    I'm wondering if scores for disk (all of them) are these numbers that PassMark uses, or if they are real numbers, like millisecond access times.

    The ONLY information I can find on these numbers are "the higher the number the faster the computer" This would seem true for final score, but how about for individual scores?

    Test NameHPE400iC512-R15kCPU - Integer Math74.6CPU - Floating Point Math239.7CPU - Find Prime Numbers339.1CPU - SSE/3DNow!2029.6CPU - Compression2276.8CPU - Encryption13.8CPU - Image Rotation453.0CPU - String Sorting1673.7Graphics 2D - Lines1.3Graphics 2D - Rectangles101.8Graphics 2D - Shapes1.3Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text120.7Graphics 2D - GUI136.8Memory - Allocate Small Block1988.7Memory - Read Cached1544.0Memory - Read Uncached1514.2Memory - Write1468.3Memory - Large RAM666.6Disk - Sequential Read93.5Disk - Sequential Write100.8Disk - Random Seek + RW304.1CPU Mark604.52D Graphics Mark232.5Memory Mark531.0Disk Mark1802.7PassMark Rating651.9

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    Yes, higher is always better.

    For the disk, all individual test score are in MB/Sec.

    The "mark" score is a weighted average.