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AARRG! Web Reports empty

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  • AARRG! Web Reports empty

    I generated reports for my project, they are visible with TestLog, however in TestLog WEB the Progress and Status reports are EMPTY with just the [x] in the body!

    I did nothing fancy such as subsuites reports, so what gives.

    Also AGAIN the too long file naming convention bit me in the arsh! All is great with TestLog, but in TestLog WEB I get a FILE NOT FOUND error

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    It sounds like the images are not being created or accessed properly, what values have you got for your IMAGESREL and IMAGESABS directories? Is this directory able to serve images for the web server?


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      let me understand, I create a Project Report with the app and it puts the report image ...\Projects\Project_NAME\Project Reports\Progress Reports
      If a user selects the Project Report it will copy from the above into my Apache directory \\myserver\testlog\images.
      Once the user closes the project report the image will remove itself after approx 30 minutes.

      Am I missing anything??? from what the doc states the above is true, below is my CGI File, I beleive I have everything in place, so I should be Good to Go, correct?

      Thanks in advance

      Please ignore any 'weird' references in the CGI, CUT & PASE created 'SMILES' on SUBMIT, I just removed the smiles (A bug?)
      //______________________MY CGI FILE___________________
      #TestLogCgi config file
      #:IMAGESREL: Path to where the images TestLog uses are stored, this needs to be a path relative to the base
      # URL of your web server so image links can be created in the manner
      # http://webservername/TestLog/tllogo.png.
      # For the previous example the images were stored in a directory named "TestLog"
      # in the htdocs directory (for an Apache install). The images needed by the TestLog
      # CGI are located in the "images" directory where TestLog was installed, these images
      # are also used by the Web export function.


      #:IMAGESABS: Absolute path to the IMAGESREL directory. When viewing reports TestLog will generate GIF files
      # so the reports can be displayed graphically, and need to be stored temporarily.
      # The image will be created in this directory and then linked to using the above relative link.
      # Any images generated by TestLog will be deleted after approximately 30 minutes so they don't
      # take too much space on the server.


      #:HELPREL: The path where the TestLog help files are located, this needs to be a path relative to the base URL
      # of your web server so html links to the various help pages can be created and opened.
      # The above example has the "HTML" folder that contains the help files copied from the directory
      # where TestLog was installed to the "TestLog" directory in the htdocs directory (for Apache).


      #:TEMPDIRABS: The absolute path of a directory on the server that TestLog can use for storing temporary files
      # such as the session file for user logins.


      #:TIMEOUT: The session timeout value in minutes, once a user has logged in and not had any activity
      # for this length of time they will be forced to re-login for the next action they take,
      # this can be a value between 1 minute and 1440 minutes (24 hours), if a value outside this
      # range is entered the default 60 minutes will be used.


      #:TEMPLATEABS: The location of the Templates directory. This need to be an absolute path as the template files
      # are opened by the TestLog CGI and their contents used to create the displayed HTML.
      # The example uses the default directory where TestLog was installed, C:\Program Files\TestLog.'


      #DATABASES_START: (DATABASES_ENDD Absolute paths for each database to be accessed via the CGI up to a
      # maximum of 50. If you are using Apache and entering UNC paths to databases on network
      # shares please see the Apache and UNC section below, there is also a section for IIS and UNC.


      #:VIEWBUGPATH: Optional tag, used for linking to an external bug tracking tool, web access module equivalent
      # of the “View bug” path in the standalone TestLog options. This is only valid in the web access
      # module if it is link to an online too, eg "http://server/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?".

      :VIEWBUGPATH: http://myserver/bugs/bug_report.php

      #:VIEWREQPATH: Optional tag, a path to an external tool or web service for your requirements management tool,
      # web access module equivalent of the Requirements Path in the standalone TestLog options,
      # as with the VIEWBUGPATH it is only valid if it is a link to an online tool.

      #:KEYSECTION_START: (:KEYSECTION_END) The list of purchased licence keys, each time you purchase a key and
      # add it to the list it will increase the number of simultaneous logins. Do not replace old keys
      # with new ones as they are cumulative, so if you purchase two licence's you should have them
      # both in this section.




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        I think it may be the missing "/' for :IMAGESREL:images/, if you change it to have a leading /, so :IMAGESREL:/images/ does it display the image?