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Unable to copy all files

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  • Unable to copy all files

    Using V3.0 Build 1002

    We are getting the dialog:
    Unable to copy a file:
    The system cannot find the path specified.
    Please check you have write permission and that the path length is not too long

    When trying to copy the structure “Test Cases / GUI / Functional Tests” to the location “Projects / Release 5.1 / Project Test Cases / Combinations in which to run checklist / Itanium Windows Server 2003 (64 bit) SQL Server 2000 SP3”, we start getting a lot of "Unable to copy a file" error dialogs (even though the file exists and is available).

    Some of the files are correctly copied across, others are not, and while the directory location is getting lengthy, it’s not hitting the windows limit of 260 characters (and copying the files across manually confirms this isn’t an issue – Testlog handles them perfectly once they’ve been copied by hand).

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    Could you please download the latest version, build 1008, and see if the behaviour is still apparent.