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broken cgi links (again)

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  • broken cgi links (again)

    I think i had posted about this before, but i can't find it anywhere... I can't seem to access certain heavily nested test cases for editing. It looks like the cgi app can't handle HTML calls that are longer than around 170 characters, but i have not fully explored exactly where the limit is. I can edit a few test cases from within the test case, but not from the parent folder...

    here's a working html call:
    http://testlog/TestLogCGI.cgi? TL_ACTION=Edit&TL_DB=6.0_DB&TL_TYPE=ptc&TL_PATH=Pr ojects/6.0%20test%201/Project%20Test%20Cases/05%20Client%20Apps/03/03/01/T001

    and here's one that's broken:
    http://testlog/TestLogCGI.cgi? TL_ACTION=edit&TL_DB=6.0_DB&TL_TYPE=ptc&TL_PARENT= true&TL_PATH=Projects/6.0%20test%201/Project%20Test%20Cases/05%20Client%20Apps/03/03/01/T001

    note: i added that space after cgi? so you could see the full html call... the html hyperlink was truncating it to fit in a shorter space.

    you'll note that the working one and the broken one are both trying to edit the same test cases, just from different places. The working line is 158 characters long, whereas the broken one is 173. This has become quite a problem for me, as I've already trimmed the ID names as much as I am willing to (now they're just 2 digit numbers...). Is there a maximum number of sub-folders or something that i'm missing? I'm well under the 256 character windows limit (my root path for the database is c:\testlog\6.0_db) but i still have this problem in a lot of places.

    Please let me know if there is a workaround for this that i can easily implement, or if not, if there is a fix in the works that i should wait for.

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    I think i've finally been able to reproduce this so we should have a fix for it soon.


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      There is a new build of the cgi module at, could you please try this version and let me know if it fixes the problem.
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        That seems to have fixed it... Thanks!