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Naming conventions in TestLog

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  • Naming conventions in TestLog

    Since I am new to TestLog I am trying to set up a ‘quick reference’ for my colleagues.
    I came across the following inconsistency : A project consists of 1 or more test suites, a test suite consists of 1 or more test cases. However your Directorytree is made up of ‘projects’, ‘test cases’, ‘test configurations’, ‘resources’ etc.
    If I right-click on ‘test cases’ I can create a new test suite. Within this test suite I can then create my test cases. To me it would make more sense if you renamed the ‘test cases’ directory into ‘test suites’. The same goes for the projectdirectory.

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    This is simply the structure that was adopted for the original release, test suites probably does make slightly more sense. Any change to these branches would required converting databases to the new structure, so if it is changed it won't be till the next major release when there is likely to be other database changes requiring conversion.