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How do I get the startup behavior back

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  • How do I get the startup behavior back

    I (inadvertently) changed my start up options so I now start with no database selected. How do I revert back to the default startup behavior?

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    Run TestLog. Go into Settings, Options. Check the box for "Show start up dialog." Then you can pick the database you always want to start with, and uncheck the "show this dialog" box if you don't want to change it again. You can always go back into settings to re-enable it if you need to make a change.


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      OK, I check the box for 'show start up dialog' and I can then choose to start with last database I had opened. However if I now clear the 'show start up dialog' , the next time I open TestLog, I get no database selected.

      How do I get it to open with the last database used and not have to display the startup dialog?

      And a related question. How do I display my license key?



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        If the start-up dialog isn't shown it will simply open TestLog with no database, there is a list of recently open databases under the file menu which you can use to select your database without having to browse to it.

        Your licence key won't be displayed anywhere within TestLog. If you need your key resent to you please email us at help [at] passmark [dot] com.