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  • Setting up web interface

    I am having trouble using the web interface. I am running Apache 2.2 as my webserver and have copied the cgiconfig.cfg and TestLogCGI.cgi from the testlog directory - C:\Program Files\TestLog\CGI to the cgi-bin directory in the Apache server - C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\cgi-bin (This is also my apache doc directory).
    And below is my cgiconfig.cfg file

    #TestLogCgi config file################################
    #The location of the TestLog directory for images, relative to the base URL of your web server

    #The location of the TestLog directory for images, absolute path (same location as above but absolute)
    :IMAGESABS:C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\Testlog\images\

    #The location of the TestLog directory for help, relative to the base URL of your web server

    #Temp folder location, used for sesssion files etc

    #Session timeout value in minutes

    #The location of the Templates directory, absolute path
    :TEMPLATEABS:C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2.2\cgi-bin\testlog\

    #The paths to the databases, absolute paths
    C:\Program Files\TestLog\NewDB

    #Key Section - Purchased licence keys


    The problem i am facing is when i send a request to run the cgi file from a client by typing it gives me the below error
    This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

    Initially when i was doing the same, it would ask me if i wanted to download the file, but after i changed some setting in the apache conf file - httpd.conf, i am getting the above error. Please help me with this one.

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    Resolved issue

    I finally resolved the issue. It was a configure mistake in Apache's httpd.conf file. But the web based access, cant it add any test cases from it.


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      Currently you can't add new items from the web module, only view existing ones and edit test cases & project test cases.


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        Hi Tim,
        Thanks for your response. We bought TestLog a month ago with the assumption that we can add and create projects and test cases using web-access. Is there anyway to get that done. Is this something that can be worked as we have bought the license.



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          The web module is more limited than the standalone version, as explained in the FAQ, so new items cannot be created in it. It's aimed more at a way of allowing testers to update a database remotely rather than as a replacement for the standalone version.

          The web module is still under development though and we intend to keep adding features to it.


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            Hello Tim,

            We are very pleased with the limitations on the web interface. It solves some authorization issues for us. We have even modified it in such a way that the tester can only edit the result fields. We don't want them to be able to edit the test descriptions.
            It would be nice if you could create some authorization on the stand-alone version. Now everybody can change everything and that is not what we want. Of course we can work our way arround this via windows-authorization but it would be nice if TestLog would support certain 'levels' of users.


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              We've found the same to be true. The web-interface is all that our testers use, and we have limited them to only be able to edit a few select fields in the project test cases (and have made it so they can't even edit regular test cases). What we've done to limit access to the test cases in the standalone software is we put our testlog database on a networked server, and only allowed access to the testlog folder there to a select few people on the QA team that should be allowed to edit the test cases and generate reports (myself and two other people). Since we had to set up a web server for the web-interface, it was very simple to add another level of control by limiting who can access that folder. In fact, had we not had the limitations of the web interface (and the fully customizable templates), we probably would have gone another way with our testing software. The added level of trackability gained by forcing changes through a few people really made the difference in choosing your software.

              It would be great if we had some level of authorization in the standalone version, but the way we have it set up actually works perfectly for our use case.

              If you do eventually add the ability to create test cases/suites etc. through the web access, i would request that you add another level of user for the web access... so we have read only, read and write, and administrator. That way we could still easily limit our testers access to only a few select areas of testlog, but have full control for our admin's.
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                Adding security management to the standalone version is a lot trickier than the web version, mainly as the data is fully available to anyone with read permissions to the data through windows, unlike the web version where the data is hidden behind the web server. It would take a level or encryption or accessing the inbuilt windows security permissions to try and lock users out. This would probably slow operations down a bit, as well as make accessing the files from outside of TestLog complicated. We've thought about it a few times but haven't come up with a feasible solution to do it.

                If creation of new items is added to the web version it would most likely come with a new level of security settings.


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                  Could you tell me what changes you made to your http config file? we are having an issue when we go to webserver/testlog/TestLogCGI.cgi it opens the document, instead of opening a webpage....


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                    Can you tell me what changes you have done with http config file. Should we install IIS Server for testlog webaccess?

                    I am not able to access via web and did the modifications in cgiconfig.cgi file..Please give me step by step for test log web access. I would appreciate in advance for your help.


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                      Without any changes in http config file, I am able to access test log via web access.


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                        Does Web access module support apache on linux?


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                          Does Web access module support apache on linux?
                          No. Only IIS and Apache on Windows.
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                            Are you planning to make in near future linux version of GCI file? this would be quite important to us.


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                              It's something we're keeping in mind, but not in the near future, more likely for a major release.