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All project cases set to "PASS", created date error

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  • All project cases set to "PASS", created date error


    I set up a bunch of test cases in the "Test Cases" folder. Now that it's time to perform the tests, I created a new project in the "Projects" folder, and copied all of the test cases there.

    I am seeing two problems:
    1. All of the test cases are immediately marked as "Passed" in the Projects folder. I can change this by right-clicking on the project folder and selecting "Update all test cases > Set to Not yet attempted"
    2. When I click "OK" to save the project test case, I get this error message: "Unable to change "Created" date as it would be a later date than the next history item. The create date cannot be set to a date after 11-July-2007. See the "Test History" section for details". Not only is this bothersome, but obviously I'm not trying to create the test case, I want to update it.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a "right" way to set up and run a set of test cases?

    TIA for any help,

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    If you got the settings menu, select customise fields and then click on the customise status tab you will see the list of available status's, if Not yet attempted (or your customised equivalent) is not at the top of the list, which is used as the default status when creating new test cases, you will need to move it to the top using the arrow keys to the left of the list.

    It sounds like the history of the test case is out of order, either by changing the created date after it was first created or trying to change the last update date to a date before the create date that was saved by the test case. If you want to reset the history entries you can use the Reset Test Case button on the Test History tab.


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      Thanks, Tim! Both fixes worked for me.