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Web Access: supported under Tomcat?

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    Tomcat isn't supported as such for TestLog.

    There is some information here on setting up Tomcat to run CGI files,, however this didn't work for TestLog as it tries to interpret it as Perl CGI so it will not run correctly (as TestLog is a compiled windows executable).

    You need to add

    to the web.xml CGI servlet section. This allowed it to run for me, though some of the redirection does not seem to work that well (for example after logging in and saving an item).

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  • mgilly
    started a topic Web Access: supported under Tomcat?

    Web Access: supported under Tomcat?

    Hi. We're running all our local web apps using Apache Tomcat 5.5.23. I installed TestLog's web access files into the right directory, and Tomcat says that TestLog is running, but I can't access it. Is Tomcat supported for this purpose?