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Changing test case field names?

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  • Changing test case field names?

    Is it possible to rename the test case fields 'Test Type' and 'Test phase'? If so, what files would need to be edited?

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    From one of the templates (or a copy of one) you can edit TestCaseTemplate.html and PrjTestCaseTemplate.html and replace the <!--TL_TESTTYPE_HEADING--> and <!--TL_TESTPHASE_HEADING--> tags with your customised equivalent.

    You can also edit TestCaseEdit.html and PrjTestCaseEdit.html so editing via the web version uses the new names but the edit dialog in the standalone version of TestLog will remain static.


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      i change the <!--TL_FAULTREP_HEADING--> to
      but it doesn't change, is empty now.


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        The <!-- --> means it is a HTML comment, when TestLog processes the template file it searches for the comment tags that we use and replace them with the plain text equivalent.

        <!--TL_PROBLEMS_HEADING--> is not a tag recognised by TestLog and won't be processed to contain anything, you need to enter your own plain text entry such as "Problem" instead of a unrecognised HTML comment.

        There is more information on the tags that are used throughout the templates in the Display Templates section of the help file.


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          changed the files, but ....

          I changed the files to reflect 'Test Level' instead of 'Test phase' but only see the results in the test case view pane on the right. If I open the test case to edit, the field is the old name (Test phase)


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            As per my first post, the edit templates only affect the web version as the edit dialog in the standalone version is a static object.


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              Rename Test Type in Standalone Version

              Is there a way to rename a Test Type in the standalone version?

              If not, PLEASE include this in a near future release. Having to delete and add a test type and then update all affected items is not a workable model.

              Thanks Bob


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                Currently no, there isn't a way to rename a status and have all the out of date test cases update to the new status. We'll keep this is mind for the next major version.