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  • Couple of questions


    We have been using TestLog for a couple of years now and I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there a quick way to locate the failed test cases in a Project?

    2. Is there a report I can generate that will show me the QA people who have executed test cases within a project?

    3. When will you add more Reports (the 4 canned ones are OK but we could use more)?


    Joel Sheppard
    Sr. Lead QA Engineer
    Citrix Systems - Management Systems Group

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    1. You can create a list report using a filter set to use only failed test cases (or a full list report and sort by status), you can double click on list report items to go to the test case and use the back button on the tool bar to return to the list report. You can use the new report shortcuts by right clicking on the Project Reports directory to quickly create a report.

    2. As above, the list report shows the testers that were assigned to or edited a test case. Filters for a particular tester could also be used to generate the other reports as well or as a combination to only show test cases assigned to a particular tester with a status other than not yet attempted.

    3. The reports will probably be overhauled for the next major version, if you have access to crystal reports you can import data from TestLog into it and make reports that are more tailored to your needs as described on this page, List reports could likely also be imported into Crystal Reports in this manner.


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      That report is not pleasant nor easy to read. I'd really like to see the Status reprort include the testers as part of the count (I need to know what folks are executing test cases). I'll have to look at Crystal and see if I can get what I need there.