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Feature Request: show source test case

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  • Feature Request: show source test case

    Another suggestion

    I'd like to be able to see the name of the generic test case from which a project test case was created.

    So for example, when I copy the generic test case TestCases\Apps\Oracle\test1 to the project test case OraProject\recovery\test1, it would be handy to have a field in the project test case that shows the name and location of the generic test case from which this was copied.

    I currently use the External Description Link field to do this but it's very tedious.

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    The next major version will likely include some level of test case -> project test case linking.

    Adding a link to the original test case won't be so hard, maintaining that link will add a fair amount of load when editing/renaming/moving a test case as the entire database will need to be searched for references to that test case.

    These issues will be looked at when determining the level of test case linking added.