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Moving test cases/suites from one db to another

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  • Moving test cases/suites from one db to another


    I want to be able to update a sub-set of the test suites/cases in my testlog db from another testlog db. That is, my db consists of two 'sets' of test cases - set 1, and set 2. Set 1 are not written by me and will be updated periodically, so I need to be able to update my db with set 1 without overwriting set 2 as well. Here's what I've tried:

    - If I simply copy and paste from one directory to another, outside of testlog, testlog does not find/display new files or directories (test cases and suites). However, if the test case is updated rather new - if it already existed in testlog - testlog will DOES pick up the changed version.
    - Since I can't have more than one db open at a time in testlog, I can't copy the test suites/cases from one db to another.
    - I can't simply replace one db with another, because that would overwrite the test cases that are not part of the updated sub-set. (set 2 as I described above).

    How can I can periodically update a sub-set of test cases in my db from another db? (Preferably without exporting the updated cases to csv, then importing as cvs!)

    Cheers, Honna

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    You should be able to move the sub folder using Windows explorer, then restart Testlog and it should find the new test cases (assuming you moved the folder to the right place)