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Duplicating Test Projects - feature request

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  • Duplicating Test Projects - feature request

    Hey Guys,

    I like having the ability to right click and duplicate test projects as this saves us a ton of time creating new ones. When we do, it's nice that we can then right click again on the sub cases and select to set them to "not yet attempted". These two actions save lots of time especially when you have some 2500+ tests in one project and the next project will esentially be the same. The problem I see here is that - after you set the tests to "not yet attempted", the "last attempt" field as well as the tester's name, version tested, fault report ID's, etc. all still have information in them as though the test actually WAS attempted without entering a result.

    Is there an easy way to duplicate a full project and set the entire project back to clean defaults?....thus clearing out the Tester name, build tested, etc. so that it is once again a CLEAN project ready for use in a new test run? If possible, this would be a big time saver and also ensure that no duplicate information is being carried from one project to the new copy.

    If I'm missing something here that will do this already, please let me know. If not, could you put it into your feature request queue? I'm guessing that other customers could probably use this feature as well. Thanks again!


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    The current best way to duplicate a project while erasing all the project test case information would be to create a folder in the Test Cases branch, and then drag all the test suites from the Project Test Cases branch of the project into the new folder, thereby taking them back to the initial test case state. You can then create a new project and drag them back.


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      That works great! Thank you!!!!