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Mandatory Fields in Test Cases and Project Test Cases

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  • Mandatory Fields in Test Cases and Project Test Cases

    Hi Guys - We have been using TestLog for nearly 2 years now and have seen some impressive enhancements in the product.

    However we find it frustrating from a point of view that we use only a certain number of Project Test Case fields and dont have to populate all fields (we have over 5500 test cases in the generic library and execute anywhere from 1500 - 2000 test cases per release).

    This is OK if the tester remembers to populate the relevant fields, but human error when filling out records (test cases and project test cases) means that some fields may be missed. What we are asking is for a place to allow mandatory entry selection of fields before test cases or project test cases can be saved. This way you know that your testers are entering the correct field information before saving either the test case or project test case.

    This can be from a new 'Settings > Mandatory Fields'... menu option. The Mandatory Fields form could be made up of two tabs (1) Test Cases and (2) Project Test Cases with checkboxes for all available fields which can be selected to either turn 'on' or 'off' the mandatory field setting.

    The default would be to have them turned off so that customers not using this functionality wont have to change the way they create test cases or update project test cases.

    I see there is work starting on the next release in Q2 2008 and wondered if this could be considered?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Will Martin.

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    I totally agree with Will. We've been using testlog for almost a year now, and it's definitely been a huge help with organizing our test cases. The only problem is that the testers never fill out all the fields they are supposed to. We use the web access so i've limited the fields they see, and i tell them they need to fill out all the fields they see, but they still don't. Some way of enforcing that they fill out the fields would be fantastic.


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      We should be looking at this (and others ways of customising the dialogs) this year in the next major version.


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        Thanks Tim,

        I know I have emailed you in the past with a number of requests and you have been very kind to put them in (and very quick to fix issues which is a great help) but in this case I thought I would use the forums to see if anyone else thought this would be useful.
        Keep up the good work - TestLog allows us to deliver a reproducable test effort and therefore deliver to market in a timely and planned fashion.




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          "We use the web access so i've limited the fields they see".

          I would be very interested in how this is implemented.
          Could somebody provide some details perhaps?



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            When using the web access, you can customize the templates (see "display templates" in the help text). With some basic HTML knowledge (i knew next to none when i started using testlog), you can customize the default templates for projectTestCase and projectTestCaseEdit, and remove fields by deleting their specific tags.

            I would definitely recommend making a backup if you edit the default, so that just in case you screw things up horribly, you can always revert to the original default.

            If you use the standalone app (testlog.exe) you can still customize the viewing templates (i.e. projectTestCase), but you cannot change the layout of the edit dialog box.

            You can also edit the stylesheet.css, and customize the fonts, sizes, images, etc. (i've done less of this).

            Hope this helps!