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  • Not responding with multiple users

    TestLog V3.0 (101 WIN32

    Basically we have a few people connecting with Windows XP TestLog clients to the same database on a shared drive and a variety of actions (creating new projects, suites, or testcases) cause some of the other clients to get "Not responding" (freezes up) for up to 2 min.

    This is unacceptable for a product that's supposed to be multi-user. Is this a known problem? Is there any workaround besides having people not work on the same database at the same time?

    - James "Disappointed" from Sportvision

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    Hi James, i have a few questions about what's happening;

    We supplort multiple users, but that doesn't imply the hardware in use has unlimited capacity. How big is the database you are using? What are the specs of the system used to share the database and what sort of LAN setup do you have?

    With the machines that are not responding is there any particular action they initiate that cause the lock-up or are they just sitting idle after opening the database? Is it reproducible with the same action? What actions?

    To lower the load on the server and network traffic you can turn off the "Show status icon in treeview" and "Show extra information for test suites" options if were are turned on.

    If it is a particularly large database you could also try splitting it up so the load is lowered across several smaller databases.