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  • Images attachment in test log


    Based on the above method, images has to be stored in the images folder under Testlog application directory. If i want to stored the images in the images folder under each database directory, can i do so with softlink to the images?

    Is Testlog looking into automating the image duplication from the images folder in the testlog database to the images folder in the export html folder so that user need not duplicate multiple copy when working the test report under Testlog application and exporting html after that?


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    You could store images in an images directory for each database/project and link to them but you would need to use absolute links like
     <img src="c:\database\images\1.1.gif">
    if you wanted them to appear in the standalone version of TestLog.

    I'm not sure i understand quite what you mean by automating the process as TestLog already copies the image folder when exporting to HTML. It doesn't overwrite this folder if it already exists however, is that what you mean?


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      We want to use image softlink as it allows us to link the images regardless where the location of export html folder. However, the images currently has to be placed in the images folder in Testlog directory. Images from different databases have to be all stored under it and not according to their respective database. If the database folder is access from another client's standalone testlog, the images cannot be displayed in the other client standalone Testlog. Furthermore, when export to html for a particular database, one needs to copy the selected images from the images folder instead of just copying the whole images folder directly.

      If the images can be softlink from their respective databses, the database can be open from any standalone Testlog over a network and images can be displayed. When export to HTML, copying just the test images folder in the respective database folder to the export html folder will suffice. This also makes each database completes as the images for each project are store within each database project.


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        We'll keep a more streamlined image attachment process in mind for the next major version.