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  • Tim (PassMark)
    If the test case names have an integer identifier in the name to help with sorting order (eg Base_001, Base_002) then you can right click on you number 7 test case and choose "Insert test case", which will create a new test case with the id of number 7 and rename the other test cases.

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  • Rator
    started a topic Insert new test case

    Insert new test case

    I have 10 test cases in my test suite. Now I would like to insert a new test case in the same test suite in between the test cases 6 and 7. That means, my new test case should be placed after the test case 6 and old test case 7 should be moved down to testcase 8 (Now there are 11 test cases). I had given the test ID's with names so when ever I am writing new test case and refresh the page, the test suite is arrenged alphabetically. But I would like to insert new test case between test case 6 and 7. Because I would like to perform new test case after executing test case 6.
    Are there any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance