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Test Case Launch - how to incorporate result?

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  • Test Case Launch - how to incorporate result?

    Probably I have a feature request here.

    We use testlog already to launch several testcases.
    For this a automatic testframework (a script-file) is called via the 'launch' button that launches the script file described in external-link.
    This script will at the end result in a test verdict: passed or failed with exit code 0 or 1.

    Is there a possibility to include this result in the project-testcase from where it was started? E.g. via a function and/or special command.
    As such the request would be to populate the 'execution results' part of a project testcase by calling functions/commands from outside Testlog.

    Kind regards,

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    There isn't currently an API built into TestLog to allow other programs to add data to existing test cases or retrieve data from external programs, it's something we'll keep in mind for a future version.

    It is possible for the script or an XML parser to open the test cases and insert data into particular fields provided the internal format of the test cases is followed, though it would be be circumventing test locking procedures and data validation done within TestLog.