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    I am evaluating Testlog for my company.
    Few querries as below.

    1. Can Manager restrict test case access as read/write for particular Tester only. For remaining Testers, this test case will be read only.

    2. Does Manager has choice so that he will not allow any Tester to delete any test case, test suite, etc.

    3. Can Manager make some fields like "Test description and steps", "Prerequisites and Initial conditions", "Tester" read only. So that Tester can not edit such fields.

    4. How can I get Tester ID in Test History.
    Other wise, Manager will not know who has changed execution results.

    I think, such facilities will make test cases less vulnerable.
    Vishwanath Prabhu

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    1, 2 & 3. There is no inbuilt security permissions in the standalone version of TestLog, only in the web access version can read/write permissions be granted on a per users basis. For the standalone version you might be able to do it with the Windows security settings and users groups (

    You could restrict access to certain fields in the web access version by removing the edit tags from the edit template for test cases and project test cases and items can not be deleted from the web version.

    4. Currently no, the last edit is saved but there isn't any tester information added to the history. We'll keep in mind adding the tester to the history information for the next version.


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      During evaluation, I have found that Testlog has enough facilities to start with. Thanks.
      Vishwanath Prabhu